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What should you know about Gür Sweets?

Pastry is our passion.

Hi, I’m Rubina Hafeez, owner, operator, and head pastry chef of Gür Sweets.

For more than a decade, I worked in the corporate world as a software engineer. I was successful, yes, and secure. But was I truly happy? Not until I left that life to earn a culinary degree and pursue my real passion—pastry.

Today, I am a certified pastry chef.

Sweet perfection is our daily goal.

As an engineer, I valued attention to detail, research, testing, and quality performance. As a pastry chef, my standards are even higher. To ensure that all of Gür Sweets’ products have the best texture, aroma, and taste, our kitchen maintains the highest culinary standards.

We use only fresh and natural top-quality ingredients.

All of our products are completely wholesome and preservative-free. Every item—from the specialty cupcakes in our Cupcake Boutique to our custom dessert bars, fruit displays and diverse ethnic sweets—are comprised of only the best available ingredients—premium Belgian chocolate, vanilla beans, Arabica coffee, select nuts, fresh dairy, and fresh produce.

For optimum freshness and quality, we bake daily.

If you were lucky, you had a grandma who baked just like we do—from scratch in small batches every day. The result? At Gür Sweets, our cakes are moist and tender, our toppings melt-in-your-mouth creamy. Each of our wide range of products is superb—alwayswholesome, always natural, always fresh—with a taste, texture, and aroma vastly superior to mass-produced confections.

For supreme enjoyment, eat our baked goods on the date of purchase, and fall in love with Gür Sweets’ quality and freshness.

For the benefit of your taste buds, we conduct quality research.

At Gür Sweets, we value variety as well as excellence. To keep our menu fresh, I travel extensively with my team of certified chefs to renowned sweet shops in order to sample their cupcakes and ethnic desserts. Once we return to the Gür Sweets’ kitchen, we rigorously test our recipe favorites. Do they meet our standards of excellence? Only the best make it onto the menu.

Big tastes come from our small kitchen.

Welcome to Gür Sweets. Browse our site, visit our store, and sample our delicious sweets. You’re sure to find at least one luscious item that becomes your favorite. Want something unique? We happily provide special event catering as well as custom cupcakes, cakes, and other desserts.

Although Gür Sweets’ kitchen is small, our dream is big—to make you a satisfied, lifelong customer.

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Tues-Sun (7AM – 7PM) Phone: 630-833-0008
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